Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I spent two days at Woodware in Yorkshire on the Dreamweaver Certification Course - I learn so many useful tips and applications which I can use in future classes.  Whilst on the course we were given two stencils and were asked to use one, both (or even part of them) in a project to be completed after the course.  This is my final project (we also had to write out the instructions for completing this - mine ran to three pages!).  The base was the Art Nouveau Stencil which was embossed and shading was applied by the Strie method.  The elephant was a new stencil released this year and pasted in matte black.  The blanket was added using Metallic F/X and then adhesive jewels added to complete the effect.  I e-mailed this over to Lynell in the States on Monday afternoon and on Tuesday afternoon received a lovely reply back saying that I was now a Certified Dreamweaver Stencil Teacher.